What’s the Best Way to Shop For Auto Insurance?

Are you having a hard time finding a car insurance policy? Pro Insurance Group serving Follansbee, WV can help you find the coverage that you want by teaching you the three easiest steps for shopping for high-quality insurance options.

How to Shop for Insurance 

If you’re struggling to find high-quality car insurance, follow these three steps to get started on your path towards better coverage:

  • Know What You Want – What kind of coverage do you think that you need? Try to find a policy that is as comprehensive as possible to give yourself the best chance of thriving with your policy. 
  • Find Someone You Can Trust – Seek out a few different insurance providers and talk to agents who you can trust. Narrow down your options and you should easily find an option that makes sense. 
  • Consider Adjusting Your Policy – If you find that your policy needs to be adjusted at any time, talk to your agent to make sure that you can get the coverage that you want at a reasonable price. 

When you follow these simple steps, it should be fairly easy to find the policy that works for you and which fits into your needs as a person. You may need to work directly with your agent or shop by yourself. Whatever choice you make, stick to it and carefully decide which options are the best choices for your needs as a person and as a car owner. 

Work With Us to Get a Policy You Can Trust 

If you’re interested in shopping for a car insurance policy and you want to work with a team that makes sense for your, please contact us at Pro Insurance Group. We serve Follansbee, WV and the surrounding area and can provide many different high-quality policy options for your needs. 

How to make sure your car is ready for summer

Drivers in West Virginia have one of the most beautiful states in the union to enjoy but even in this beautiful state, having auto insurance is a must. But just how much and what type can cause a lot of confusion. With an experienced independent insurance agent, you can be sure you will get the most choices and someone you can trust. With more than 60 years of doing business, Pro Insurance Group in Follansbee, WV has provided several generations of residents with the type of personal service they deserve.

With summer just around the corner, it is time to make sure your vehicle is ready for all the fun things you plan for this summer. 

Get the air conditioning checked

Take a test drive and make sure the a/c is working great. If you notice it isn’t getting cold enough, it’s time for a service check. If you are getting an oil change soon, they can check your a/c at the same time. 

Replace your windshield wiper

Summer brings with it storms and some heavy rains. Having good windshield wipers makes it much easier to survive driving under less than ideal conditions. Many auto parts stores will install them for free with a drive-up visit and purchase. Also, check the windshield washer fluid. Lots of bugs hit the windshield in the summer. 

Check the tires

Once you have taken off your winter snow tires, it’s time to make sure your summer tires are in good condition. Check the air pressure and the treads before you go off on any summer adventures. 

Top off the fluids

Make sure all your fluids are topped off. Check the transmission antifreeze and brake fluids. 

If you are in the market for auto insurance, give Pro Insurance Group in Follansbee, WV a call or stop by the office. 

Does My Insurer Care Who Drives My Car?

Letting a roommate borrow your car to make a grocery trip? Loaning it to a cousin who needs to get to work? You may be worried that your insurance company will not provide any coverage if the borrower is involved in an accident. Don’t fret. In Follansbee, WV, if your car is insured, your car is insured.

With that having been said, you should make sure that anyone who borrows your car regularly is included on the insurance policy. If you and your spouse share a car, for instance, or if your teenage son or daughter drives it regularly, then you’ll probably want to have them included in the policy.

This is because, in some cases, the person driving the car may actually be held accountable for damages. By and large, your car will be covered by your insurance provider as long as you have the appropriate coverage. But the driver will be the one who was responsible for the accident. If someone has their own insurance, this isn’t an issue. But if your teen drivers are uninsured, the liabilities will fall in your lap even though you have your own insurance.

If you have any questions or if you’re looking to get covered in Follansbee, WV, get in touch with Pro Insurance Group. You can get in touch through the Pro Insurance Group website or call our office on the phone and see about getting all the coverage you need for you, your car, and your family, whether that means adding your spouse and kids to the policy or just getting yourself covered.

3 Tips for Buying Auto Insurance in West Virginia

Whether this is your first auto insurance policy in Follansbee, WV or your fifth, did you know there are ways to save on your premiums? It’s true, and with auto insurance mandatory, with full coverage highly recommend, every little bit helps. The team at Pro Insurance Group has put together a quick read of three easy steps you can follow to get a great auto insurance policy at a price that makes you happy. Read on to learn more.

Step 1: Work with a Reputable Agent

The key to your auto insurance buying success depends on who you work with. We always recommend working with a reputable agent to make sure you understand your policy and what you’re paying for. Not all insurance policies are the same, and it can take a keen eye to spot and explain the differences. 

Step 2: Compare Several Quotes

Now that you have a reputable insurance agent on your side, it’s time to answer his or her questions to find a few quotes to compare. Try to compare at least three to five quotes, scouring over the details diligently. Ask any questions you may have and raise any concerns. Your friendly agent will be happy to provide the answers.

Step 3: Bundle Your Policies

Once you’ve decided on a quote, it’s time to look at your other policies, such as life, health, homeowner’s, or others, and see if they need renewing or a policy change. You can then bundle all your policies under one insurance company to save money on your premiums.

To learn more about purchasing auto insurance, contact the team at Pro Insurance Group in Follansbee, WV today.