Does My Insurer Care Who Drives My Car?

Letting a roommate borrow your car to make a grocery trip? Loaning it to a cousin who needs to get to work? You may be worried that your insurance company will not provide any coverage if the borrower is involved in an accident. Don’t fret. In Follansbee, WV, if your car is insured, your car is insured.

With that having been said, you should make sure that anyone who borrows your car regularly is included on the insurance policy. If you and your spouse share a car, for instance, or if your teenage son or daughter drives it regularly, then you’ll probably want to have them included in the policy.

This is because, in some cases, the person driving the car may actually be held accountable for damages. By and large, your car will be covered by your insurance provider as long as you have the appropriate coverage. But the driver will be the one who was responsible for the accident. If someone has their own insurance, this isn’t an issue. But if your teen drivers are uninsured, the liabilities will fall in your lap even though you have your own insurance.

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