3 Ways Commercial Insurance Protects Your Business from Disasters

As a business owner, you face several challenges in keeping your business running. Natural disasters are part of those challenges. By protecting your business with commercial insurance, you’ll have the financial support you need to recover from a major disaster. Here are just a few ways commercial coverage from Pro Insurance Group can protect your Follansbee, WV enterprise from disasters.

Property Coverage

Property coverage protects your business building, equipment, and inventory against disaster damage or loss. This financial compensation will enable you to repair your building and replace damaged equipment or goods to recover quicker from a disaster. Most commercial policies in West Virginia offer protection against fire, severe rain and wind storms, blizzards, tornados, and other disasters common to the state.  

Business Interruption Coverage

If your business has to close temporarily due to disaster damage, you could lose valuable revenue essential to your business operations. Business interruption insurance covers lost revenue, payroll, bills, taxes, and other operating expenses during your closure to help sustain your business until you can reopen. It can also help you relocate your small business temporarily while your original location is being repaired.

Commercial Flood Coverage

West Virginia is no stranger to flooding. The state’s mountainous terrain makes it susceptible to flooding due to rising river waters after heavy downpours. By protecting your business with commercial flood coverage, you can be prepared for flood disasters. Flood policies protect your business building and its contents to safeguard your enterprise against the risk of flood damage.

Natural disasters can happen anywhere and at any time. Smart business owners will be prepared with the right insurance coverage suited to their business needs. To purchase commercial coverage for your Follansbee, WV business, contact Pro Insurance Group’s insurance experts today.