Three questions to ask when you buy home insurance in West Virginia

Home insurance is an essential financial product that homeowners need. Homeowners in Follansbee, WV can depend on Pro Insurance Group for their home insurance needs.

The following are three questions you may want to ask when you’re in the process of buying home insurance in West Virginia. 

Why is homeowner’s insurance necessary?

Some first-time homeowners might find themselves wondering if home insurance is really necessary. After all, home insurance is not required by law.

While home insurance may not be required by law, it is required by mortgage lenders. You have to purchase home insurance if you borrow money to finance your home purchase.

Otherwise, home insurance is just a good idea. It protects your investment in your home and ensures financial protection against many different types of home damage. 

Does homeowners insurance cover damage from mold?

Mold can cause a lot of damage in a home. Homeowners insurance may cover mold damage depending on the circumstances. 

Home insurance may cover mold damage if it is caused by damage due to frozen pipes or specific plumbing or HVAC malfunctions. However, mold damage probably won’t be covered if caused by flood damage or a sewer backup. 

You need to read the fine print on your policy to determine if it covers mold damage. You might want to invest in added types of coverage like flood coverage and sewer/water backup coverage to enjoy enhanced protection against mold damage. 

What decisions will I make when purchasing home insurance?

You’ll need to decide between replacement value or actual cash value coverage when you buy a policy. You’ll also need to determine your deductible amount and what add-on features you want your policy to include. 

You need to ask the right questions to find the right home insurance policy in Follansbee, WV. If you have questions about home insurance, we have answers at Pro Insurance Group. Contact us today to learn more about our insurance products.