Ways commercial insurance protects a small business

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. In West Virginia, 87% of the businesses have fewer than 20 employees. Any business is vulnerable to a variety of risks, and small businesses are particularly vulnerable. Identifying those risks and taking the proper actions to mitigate them is the best thing you can do to protect your small business. At Pro Insurance Group in Follansbee, WV, we have 60 years of experience providing our customers with the best choices and personalized customer service. 

Property protection

Commercial property insurance offers coverage against a variety of different perils. It protects the building your business is housed in, but it does more than that. It protects your machinery, office equipment, inventory, and all the things you need to conduct business. With this coverage, you will be able to repair or replace what you need to keep your business running. 

Income protection

Business interruption insurance can make the difference between your business surviving and having to close its door. When a disaster strikes, you may lose all income, but unfortunately, the liabilities you have don’t stop. Bills need to be paid, payroll, taxes, and even your own paycheck. Income protection insurance can pay for rent if you need to move into a temporary building to continue to do business. Read the policy carefully to be aware of the exclusions. 

Employee protection

In West Virginia, businesses with 3 or more employees are required by law to carry workers’ compensation. This pays for employees who are injured in the performance of their employment. 

Legal protection

Commercial liability insurance protects your business from legal action against your business. It can be from someone who was injured while visiting your business or by a product you provide, or a service that failed to meet a client’s expectations. It covers not only judgment but also legal expenses in your defense. 

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Does My Insurer Care Who Drives My Car?

Letting a roommate borrow your car to make a grocery trip? Loaning it to a cousin who needs to get to work? You may be worried that your insurance company will not provide any coverage if the borrower is involved in an accident. Don’t fret. In Follansbee, WV, if your car is insured, your car is insured.

With that having been said, you should make sure that anyone who borrows your car regularly is included on the insurance policy. If you and your spouse share a car, for instance, or if your teenage son or daughter drives it regularly, then you’ll probably want to have them included in the policy.

This is because, in some cases, the person driving the car may actually be held accountable for damages. By and large, your car will be covered by your insurance provider as long as you have the appropriate coverage. But the driver will be the one who was responsible for the accident. If someone has their own insurance, this isn’t an issue. But if your teen drivers are uninsured, the liabilities will fall in your lap even though you have your own insurance.

If you have any questions or if you’re looking to get covered in Follansbee, WV, get in touch with Pro Insurance Group. You can get in touch through the Pro Insurance Group website or call our office on the phone and see about getting all the coverage you need for you, your car, and your family, whether that means adding your spouse and kids to the policy or just getting yourself covered.

3 Ways Commercial Insurance Protects Your Business from Disasters

As a business owner, you face several challenges in keeping your business running. Natural disasters are part of those challenges. By protecting your business with commercial insurance, you’ll have the financial support you need to recover from a major disaster. Here are just a few ways commercial coverage from Pro Insurance Group can protect your Follansbee, WV enterprise from disasters.

Property Coverage

Property coverage protects your business building, equipment, and inventory against disaster damage or loss. This financial compensation will enable you to repair your building and replace damaged equipment or goods to recover quicker from a disaster. Most commercial policies in West Virginia offer protection against fire, severe rain and wind storms, blizzards, tornados, and other disasters common to the state.  

Business Interruption Coverage

If your business has to close temporarily due to disaster damage, you could lose valuable revenue essential to your business operations. Business interruption insurance covers lost revenue, payroll, bills, taxes, and other operating expenses during your closure to help sustain your business until you can reopen. It can also help you relocate your small business temporarily while your original location is being repaired.

Commercial Flood Coverage

West Virginia is no stranger to flooding. The state’s mountainous terrain makes it susceptible to flooding due to rising river waters after heavy downpours. By protecting your business with commercial flood coverage, you can be prepared for flood disasters. Flood policies protect your business building and its contents to safeguard your enterprise against the risk of flood damage.

Natural disasters can happen anywhere and at any time. Smart business owners will be prepared with the right insurance coverage suited to their business needs. To purchase commercial coverage for your Follansbee, WV business, contact Pro Insurance Group’s insurance experts today.

How to make a home inventory and why you need one

Buying a home is something  Americans strive to achieve. Once you have saved and finally found your dream home, you need to make sure you have a good home insurance policy and an agent you can trust to have your best interests at heart. Pro Insurance Group in Follansbee, WV has been serving our community for 60 years. We provide exceptional service, and when you need us, we will be there for you. If you are filing a claim, we will help you through the process, and having a home inventory will make the process go smoother and quicker. 

A home inventory is a listing of all the items that you own and are in your home. If a covered hazard such as fire or tornado hits, you may not have many houses left. You will be asked to provide the insurance company with information about the contents before the damage occurred. Imagine being in a state of shock and thinking about everything in your kitchen or in your closets. It would be overwhelming. 

By making the inventory ahead of time, you can easily provide the insurance adjuster with the information they need to process your claim. You can opt for using a pad and pen or make a digital inventory. No matter which option you choose, you will want to be sure you record model names and serial numbers, especially on electronics. For jewelry or art, you should have an appraisal and take lots of pictures. The more detail you provide, the easier things will go. Lastly, store the inventory in a safe place. Ideally, it should be off-site but if you keep it in your home,  place it in a fire and waterproof safe. 

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3 Tips for Buying Auto Insurance in West Virginia

Whether this is your first auto insurance policy in Follansbee, WV or your fifth, did you know there are ways to save on your premiums? It’s true, and with auto insurance mandatory, with full coverage highly recommend, every little bit helps. The team at Pro Insurance Group has put together a quick read of three easy steps you can follow to get a great auto insurance policy at a price that makes you happy. Read on to learn more.

Step 1: Work with a Reputable Agent

The key to your auto insurance buying success depends on who you work with. We always recommend working with a reputable agent to make sure you understand your policy and what you’re paying for. Not all insurance policies are the same, and it can take a keen eye to spot and explain the differences. 

Step 2: Compare Several Quotes

Now that you have a reputable insurance agent on your side, it’s time to answer his or her questions to find a few quotes to compare. Try to compare at least three to five quotes, scouring over the details diligently. Ask any questions you may have and raise any concerns. Your friendly agent will be happy to provide the answers.

Step 3: Bundle Your Policies

Once you’ve decided on a quote, it’s time to look at your other policies, such as life, health, homeowner’s, or others, and see if they need renewing or a policy change. You can then bundle all your policies under one insurance company to save money on your premiums.

To learn more about purchasing auto insurance, contact the team at Pro Insurance Group in Follansbee, WV today. 

Why should I get commercial insurance?

Owning a business is a dream for many people. If you would like to own a business, coming to the Follansbee, WV area is a great idea. If you do come here to start a business, there is a lot of chance for opportunity and success. At the same time, some risks come with owning and running a business. Due to this, you should get commercial insurance as it could mitigate this risk in many different ways. 

Insurance Protects Business Assets

One reason that you should get commercial insurance is that it can protect all of your business assets. If you are going to start a company, you will need to invest in equipment, inventory, and other assets that are needed to grow your company. If you get proper insurance, it can protect all of these assets and ensure you have the capital to repair or replace them if you do incur a loss.

Insurance Offers Liability Protection

Another reason that you should get this insurance is it will give you liability protection. A business that offers any form of product or service will be taking on some liability risk. The best way that you can mitigate this is by getting liability insurance. This will give you protection in the event a claim against you is filed. 

As you are looking for commercial insurance in the Follansbee, WV area, you should speak with the team at Pro Insurance Group. If you do call Pro Insurance Group for your commercial insurance needs, you will receive the professional service and advice needed to choose a quality policy. The team here can carefully assess your business needs to ensure you get into a policy that provides the right type of protection. 

Three questions to ask when you buy home insurance in West Virginia

Home insurance is an essential financial product that homeowners need. Homeowners in Follansbee, WV can depend on Pro Insurance Group for their home insurance needs.

The following are three questions you may want to ask when you’re in the process of buying home insurance in West Virginia. 

Why is homeowner’s insurance necessary?

Some first-time homeowners might find themselves wondering if home insurance is really necessary. After all, home insurance is not required by law.

While home insurance may not be required by law, it is required by mortgage lenders. You have to purchase home insurance if you borrow money to finance your home purchase.

Otherwise, home insurance is just a good idea. It protects your investment in your home and ensures financial protection against many different types of home damage. 

Does homeowners insurance cover damage from mold?

Mold can cause a lot of damage in a home. Homeowners insurance may cover mold damage depending on the circumstances. 

Home insurance may cover mold damage if it is caused by damage due to frozen pipes or specific plumbing or HVAC malfunctions. However, mold damage probably won’t be covered if caused by flood damage or a sewer backup. 

You need to read the fine print on your policy to determine if it covers mold damage. You might want to invest in added types of coverage like flood coverage and sewer/water backup coverage to enjoy enhanced protection against mold damage. 

What decisions will I make when purchasing home insurance?

You’ll need to decide between replacement value or actual cash value coverage when you buy a policy. You’ll also need to determine your deductible amount and what add-on features you want your policy to include. 

You need to ask the right questions to find the right home insurance policy in Follansbee, WV. If you have questions about home insurance, we have answers at Pro Insurance Group. Contact us today to learn more about our insurance products.